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Site has been set up for all lovers of horses. Our goal is to collect and share credible information of horses bred in Poland, their origins, achievements, and genetic coefficients.

For the time being the database has thousands of horses, and this number is gradually increasing.

Every registered user has a possibility of submitting new horses. We encourage you to fill our applications, that the content of the site is as complete as possible and is find by all fans, owners and breeders very useful.

One of many possibilities of the database is computing of horse's genetic coefficients. Calculated inbred coefficient is very helpful in selecting a partner for mares. With the test mating option, you can build a hypothetical pedigree for offspring of any horse of the database, and our site automatically calculates inbred, loss of ancestor and other genetics coefficients.

There is also an opportunity to learn about the sport career of a horse (shown for signed in users at a horse's page) and rider (events menu).
Since the database is being completed all the time, a load of sport results have been still not entered, please be understanding - they will be entered where possible.

We are looking for:

Pictures of horses:

If you have a picture / pictures of horses that are or should be included in the database and would like to share - send them to the address kontakt@bazakoni.pl. In the description, enter the name of the horse, race and origin. In particular, we want to have pictures of horses that have passed and there is no option to take their picture.

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